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行业唯一!东鹏荣膺意大利首届科拉蒂诺·达斯卡尼欧(Corradino D’Ascanio)创新奖

发表时间:2022-11-01 16:38作者:东鹏集团来源:东鹏集团网址:http://www.ceramicschina.cn

近日,首届科拉蒂诺·达斯卡尼欧(Corradino D’Ascanio)创新奖颁奖典礼于上海外滩著名的罗斯福公馆举行,东鹏凭借对中意两国经济文化交流的突出贡献和行业内领先的低碳环保创新硬实力,荣获本次创新奖,是行业、乃至中国唯一一家获此殊荣的企业。

On Oct.26, the 1st Edition of “Corradino D’Ascanio Innovation Award Ceremony was held at The House of Roosevelt in Shanghai. As the only one Chinese Brand in China, Dongpeng has won the Award with its outstanding contribution to the economic and cultural exchanges between China and Italy and the leading position of low–carbon, environmental protection and green innovation in the industry.

颁奖典礼精彩纷呈,来自国际各界的嘉宾朋友通过远程和现场两种方式参加了活动,其中包括阿布鲁佐大区和世界阿布鲁佐大区委员会主席Marco Marsilio先生、意大利驻上海总领事Tiziana D’Angelo女士、协会主席Fabrizio Ferri先生、协会副主席Pierluigi Gorgoretti先生、协会副主席Claudio Neroni先生、协会司库主管Avv.Carlo D’Andrea代开乐先生,东鹏国际营销板块市场部负责人陶剑棋Jay Tao代表出席领奖。

Guests from all walks of life participated in the event both online and on-site, including Mr. Marco Marsilio, Abruzzo Region President and resident of Cram, Ms. Tiziana D'Angelo, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai, and Mr. Fabrizio Ferri, President of the Association, Mr. Pierluigi Gorgoretti, Vice President of the Association, Mr. Claudio Neroni, Vice President of the Association; Mr. Avv. Carlo D'Andrea, Treasurer of the Association, and Jay Tao, the Head of Dongpeng International Marketing Department, as representative attended the ceremony to receive the award.



Highlights of the Ceremony


意大利阿布鲁佐中国协会主席Fabrizio Ferri先生发言

Speech of Mr. Fabrizio Ferri, President of the Association


意大利驻上海总领事Tiziana D’Angelo女士发言

Speech of Ms. Tiziana D’Angelo, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai



Speech of Jay Tao, the Head of Dongpeng International Marketing Department


意大利阿布鲁佐中国协会副主席Pierluigi Gorgoretti先生发言

Speech of Mr. Pierluigi Gorgoretti, President of the Association


意大利驻上海总领事Tiziana D’Angelo女士(右)为获奖企业东鹏代表陶剑棋(左)授予奖牌

Ms.Tiziana D’Angelo assigns a plaque of recognition to Dongpeng




Exceptional for Innovation

To Promote China-Italy Relation

科拉蒂诺·达斯卡尼欧(Corradino D’Ascanio)创新奖由意大利法律官方承认的“在中国阿布鲁佐人”协会发起,旨在向阿布鲁佐大区世界知名的航天工程师科拉蒂诺·阿斯卡尼欧(Corradino D’Ascanio)致敬,为中意两国建立商业、文化和创新具有突出贡献的企业授予该荣誉。

The Award is named Corradino D’Ascanio in honor of the aerospace engineer of Abruzzo, Corradino D’Ascanio, the famous inventor of the helicopter and the Vespa and is initiated by the Association of the Abruzzeses in China, which is recognized by the legal law of Italy, to reward companies who has a great contribution in building commercial, cultural and innovative relations between China and Italy.



To select and evaluate the innovative projects received, a special commission was appointed consisting of academic staff, institutional representatives, and representatives of the Association. The projects from the participating companies will be analyzed and evaluated by this interdisciplinary commission, based on a quantitative evaluation matrix, which will consider the following parameters: quality and innovativeness of the project concept; applicability and potential on the target market; design; eco-sustainability; financial feasibility, in terms of costs and duration of the innovative project; diversity of the innovative project development team, especially in the industrial sector such as intelligent production, digital transformation, energy transition.

东鹏自2006正式进入意大利市场,作为行业代表一直致力于为中意陶瓷技术文化友好交流搭建桥梁,并通过绿色、节能、减排等理念实现真正智能制造,致力于研发低碳排放和环保创新解决方案,因此获得评审团的高度认可,荣膺科拉蒂诺·达斯卡尼欧(Corradino D’Ascanio)创新奖。

Dongpeng entered the Italian market in 2006, and then always remained committed to building bridges for the exchanges on ceramic culture and technology between China and Italy. Thanks to its intelligent manufacturing with features of green, energy conservation and solutions to low-carbon, environmental protection and green innovation, it was highly recognized by the Commission, and assigned the honorable prize.



Release Transnational Synergy

To Lead the Green Transformation

以意大利为代表的西方陶瓷行业起源于19世纪中期,经过一百多年的沉淀,其设计、技术、绿色制造和管理水平相对先进,是世界建陶业标杆,值得中国建陶行业学习借鉴。中西方的文化是在融合中发展,在发展中融合,东鹏从2006年就进入了意大利市场,通过对意大利优秀技术和文化的学习,根据中国特色的消费市场进行创新融合、因地制宜, 真正从市场需求出发、为用户创造价值。

The western ceramics industry represented by Italy originated in the mid-19th century. After more than 100 years of development, its design, technology, green manufacturing and management levels are relatively advanced. Its’ modern design inspirations, low-carbon production, and industrial digitalization have led the world a step forward, becoming a benchmark for Chinese and the world's building ceramics industry. The cultures of China and the West are developing in the integration, and also integrated with each other in the development, Dongpeng has already learnt a lot from the Italian excellent technology and culture based on the consumer market with Chinese characteristics to create more values for customers.

东鹏目前在美、英、德、意等近60多个国家和地区注册国际商标,产品畅销全球6大洲100多个国家和地区,目前在德国、美国、加拿大、澳洲、韩国、泰国、日本、马来西亚等国家已经拥有销售网点500余家, 连续8年代表中国陶瓷参加世界顶级陶瓷展会—意大利博洛尼亚展,以创新产品为中国赢得世界尊敬!

Dongpeng has registered its trademark in more than 60 countries and its products have been exported to over 106 countries and regions. Now Dongpeng is home to more than 500 stores worldwide including in Germany, America, Canada, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia, etc. It also represented Chinese ceramic brand to attend the Cersaie, the world’s foremost ceramic exhibition, earning the respect for Chinese ceramic by its innovative products for the 8th consecutive years.



Dongpeng participated as an exhibitor at Cersaie


As a leading brand in China's building ceramics industry, Dongpeng is actively responding to the green and sustainable development policy. In August 2021, Dongpeng established the industry's first professional low-carbon and green management organization, the Low-Carbon Development Strategy Committee, and incorporated low-carbon and green development into the company's highest strategy, in order to create more social value by controlling carbon emissions at a lower level to achieve higher quality’s development.


In order to fulfill the commitment of Green and Sustainable Development and become the driver of low-carbon technology and leader of low-carbon development in the ceramic industry, Dongpeng has focused on the production of energy conservation and emission reduction by green power, digital intelligent manufacturing, systematic emission reduction, and recycling in terms of green manufacturing. At present, Dongpeng's comprehensive energy consumption is close to or even lower than the industry's criteria (porcelain tile is 4.0kgce/m2).

未来,在国际化进程中,东鹏将会坚定贯彻REUSE、REDUCE、RECYCLE 3R 战略,将中国陶瓷文化与现代绿色科技进行创造性融合, 携手国际力量提升低碳生产效率,让中国陶瓷引领世界陶瓷行业绿色创新发展。

In the future, during the process of internationalization, Dongpeng will stay committed to "Be a Green Building Pioneer with Low Carbon Emission", by creatively integrating Chinese ceramic culture with modern green technology. It will also adhere to the 3R Strategy Reuse, Reduce and Recycle and join hands with the world leading forces to lead the green innovation and development of the world's ceramic industry.